Monday, March 15, 2010

The Yurt at Cache Creek

We set up the yurt for a single night of camping, something we normally wouldn't do because of the 1-2 hr set up time, at the Yolo County Cache Creek campground when we went camping with the vwcamperfamily. John LaTorre was going to be there, the guy who lent me the industrial sewing machine, so we thought we'd set it up and show what I sewed with his machine.

This time, we were able to set the yurt up on semi-level ground. That made the shape much rounder and the wall was less saggy then when we set it up in the desert. We also finished partially sewing on some velcro for attaching the window covers. Here are some pictures:

My Yurt at Cache Creek
The yurt set up with the door flap closed.

My Yurt at Cache Creek
Two strips of velcro that hold the window covers on (but only partially)

My Yurt at Cache Creek
The vinyl bottom band is tucked under the khana. Canvas doesn't touch the ground.

My Yurt at Cache Creek
Inside the yurt, with the ground cover all wrinkled up.

My Yurt at Cache Creek
We hung the lantern from the crown by a rope.

Night at Cache Creek
The yurt at night. The rest of the windows are covered by the window covers.

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